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Building your Philatelic “Want List”

In the good old days, the primary way that collectors let dealers know what stamps they wanted to add to their collections was via the want list especially true for United States, however in most other parts of the world it was the penpal network across nations and countries that needed to be well oiled and nurtured. In either circumstances, if you were looking for scarce material it could take months or even years for the item you were seeking to come to the market if it came at all. In those times, the stamps were indeed not printed in such high volume and then the interest in collecting stamps was also not very lucrative as it is today.

If you had a small network of collector friends, you would get the word to them about the type of material you wanted. Today, such a primitive catch-as-catch-can system is almost laughable. As connected as we all are via Internet, with email, chat boards, online auction websites, etc. chances are that if the item you seek is out there, you will get it.

Send your want list via email

There are plenty of dealers online and a quick mass email to them will have a veritable army of philatelic scouts scouring their stocks for what you’re looking for.

The classified advertisements websites

Here you need to be cautious but many inheritors and liquidators end up putting their classified. The proof of the pudding is obviously if these are genuine stamps and not Cinderella’s.

Search engines wants you to find your stamps

If you have a website or blog, why not put the list up there? Make sure you’re linked to a good number of other blogs that deal with stamps so that you can take advantage of Google noticing you.

You might even want to go the next step and purchase a Google ad. They don’t always have to be about selling. After all, in earlier days — and even now in the philatelic print journals that are still around — you’ll see Wanted To Buy ads; the somewhat strangely phrased ads that mean “I want to buy item xyz.” If you’re serious about finding your items, a small Google ad may do the trick at a much more reasonable price than you’d pay for even a small classified in a philatelic newspaper.

Philatelic Tweets

Twitter can also be an extremely effective way of getting the word out. If you only have a few items you want, you could easily use Twitter and take advantage of that wonderful echo effect that is created when your followers retweet your original message to their followers who do the same. Assuming you’re followed by like-minded collectors, they would be happy to give you a retweet. If you have more than a few items you can Tweet your list over a longer period of time. You wouldn’t want to fill up your followers’ pages in one great strike.

Online stamp magazines

Don’t forget to check out online stamp magazines, which at the very least may have a forum you could join with minimal effort and no expense. Learn the posting rules as soon as you join, and if you have a question about what is allowed, don’t hesitate to contact the administrator.

Post your list to online stamp collector communities

If you’re a member of an online chat group or a stamp collecting community, you’d surely get no argument from fellow collectors if you wanted to post a list of items you want for your collection. If you aren’t in a group and want to join one, first become familiar with the board and its members before you post your list there. Just like in real life, knowing and adhering to the rules, coupled with basic politeness will get you far with your fellow collectors.

So whats Kheyati’s Want List 2019

Kheyati is interested to buy/ trade:

Kheyati is interested to sell/ trade:
Miniature complete series of Nigeria Miniature complete series of India
Miniature complete series of Canada Thematic Stamp Album of
Man Made Structures
Miniature complete series of Australia Thematic Stamp Album of
Miniature complete series of Antarctica Thematic Stamp Album of

Author: kheyati I am an avid philatelist, I focus on global miniatures & souvenir stamps. Happy to help enthusiasts!

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